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KiwiGraphx is a design studio, specialized in high quality renders. Our work is used basically for marketing and advertising purposes or to secure planning permissions. The projects we work on range from small interiors and architectural gems to bigger residential complexes. The images we create can be still (renders) or moving (animations). Photography and computer graphics are employed in the image making process.

Realistic images change how people think and feel. Understanding this, we are careful about the work we do, to achieve the highest results. For us a good image is one that reflects the architectural and design intent while eliciting the right emotional response from its audience.

The team has over 10 years of experience in architecture & interior design sector, as well as in architectural visualization field, and has worked on over 50 projects that include luxury residential, hotels, offices, private homes, tall buildings etc...

Visualization and strategic advice are offered, as well as complete marketing of the future projects - from logos, webpages to selling catalogues and other marketing materials.